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Exhaust and muffler

Reliable muffler and exhaust repair

If your car makes a rattling noise, is losing power, or you have other problems with your exhaust, then let us take a look. Our experienced mechanics can diagnose and make the necessary repairs to get your car running smoothly once again. We also provide custom exhaust work!

Quality exhaust services

• Muffler sales

• Muffler repairs

• Tailpipes

• Catalytic converters

• Exhaust leaks

General and major repairs

We strive for same-day service

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SINCE 1987


We have more than 47 years of combined experience when it comes to working on cars and other vehicles. We've proudly served the Bridgeport community for nearly 20 years.

Get fast and reliable service to get back on the road quickly.

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We are skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of vehicle repair. Bring your car or truck in for brake service, tires, AC service, and much more!